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Moving is an excellent time to discard the furniture and obsolete equipment that is no longer used. The problem is always how to dispose of these items. At American Moving Service we offer dump truck service with the manpower as the best and most efficient way to clean out rubbish from the house.

If you own or manage property, whether you’re in the middle of a project or ready for new occupants to move in, we offer full construction clean up services for the contractor and homeowner alike.

Whatever your need, we offer complete removal of rubbish, debris and unwanted items from your home, estate, storefront, warehouse, and more.  You won’t be surprised as we are able to guarantee your labor cost and time of completion as well as all of the container and dumping fees. We will leave your property broom swept or immaculately cleaned.  You choose.  To schedule your cleaning, call today.

We can also provide the cleaning service after you move out to protect your security deposit.  We have excellent commercial quality equipment and supplies available for $25 per job, or you can choose to provide your own. Our cleaning rate is $25/hour with a four-hour minimum. Call or e-mail us today to schedule your cleaning.

More information:

If there is anything else special you need, just let us know.   Give us a call or send an e-mail, we can provide the expertise and range of services that make all the difference.

(The following rates plus sales tax will apply) 

House/Apartment Cleaning/Maid Services

$25 per hour, per person - Heavy or General Cleaning. 4 hrs Minimum

Optional commercial grade supplies & Equipment for House/Apt/Maid  - $25 per job.

Construction Clean-Ups

$25 per hour, per person 


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